Welcome civil society

Local NGOs, community groups, students, consultants and any civilian - you are local civil society actors! Kumacaya helps you ensure your voice is heard and the power to bring change!

Being the eyes on the ground

Kumacaya helps amplify the voice of local civil society organisations and communities affected positively and negatively by company operations. Civil society at the frontlines of sourcing challenges have key insights on remedial actions and opportunities for change. If things need to change, through Kumacaya, communities can highlight their concerns directly with the company or via local civil society organisations. Civil society groups can be directly involved in co-creating actions to bring change.

To bring change, collaboration between civil society and companies is key.

How it works?

Kumacaya’s mechanism protects civil societies’ anonymity and their participation in monitoring projects at all times and under all circumstances. For the signals, their identity is not collected. However, contact information can be provided voluntarily if people wish to become a part of the Kumacaya network; the list of people within this network is kept confidential. Deep monitoring projects, once funded, are open to application from civil society experts and organisations. To maintain the fairness and independence of the Kumacaya mechanism, all parties are anonymised - i.e. companies and applicants are not revealed during the selection process. Monitoring grants are evaluated by an independent panel of experts. A cross-check of applicants' references and history in the monitoring zone is also conducted by Kumacaya. Successful applicants agree to a contract and will share regular monitoring updates with the Kumacaya team, which are transmitted directly to the companies who have funded the deep monitoring. Kumacaya acts as a buffer, maintaining the confidentiality of actors on both sides. Proposals that best reflect the voice of civil society organisations while engaging companies towards collaborative change are highly valued.

Whether you advocate for a more socially responsible or environmentally sustainable world, we look forward to receiving your proposal.

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