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How do you know what’s happening upstream of your supply chain? All too often, the first time you hear of a problem is through a civil society organisation report and it is rarely good news. Kumacaya offers the opportunity for companies to get better intelligence, faster.

Being an actor of change

Kumacaya is the most progressive, independent, solutions-oriented, and cost-effective verification system that exists today. Through Kumacaya, your company will have information from the ground in two ways: Signals and deep monitoring projects.

Signals reveal priority directions needed for further investigation and deep monitoring projects go further to investigate issues.

In some case, communities or civil society organisations on the ground send signals via a dedicated, anonymous mobile phone system related to environmental and social matters from specific locations within a supply chain - you receive highly targeted information about positive and negative realities linked to your suppliers. In response, deep monitoring projects, funded by your company via a mechanism to mask their identity (and preserve independence) are conducted by local civil society organisations in order to learn more, build trust and verify company commitments with locals to work out solutions with local actors (communities, workers, local companies). This information will help companies choose how they should focus transformation efforts on. It also helps companies take targeted action, in partnership with local civil society organisations and communities affected by the company supply chain in order to mitigate those risks and improve environmental performance and community well-being.
In other cases, deep monitoring projects can also be initiated without signals where companies already know of issues or where they have specific issues they wish to explore. In this case, companies can fund our deep monitoring projects in order to dig deeper and provide a clear way forward.

To bring change, collaboration between civil society and companies is essential.

How it works?

Kumacaya uses a co-funding model – a minimum of two companies must pledge funding for a deep monitoring projects in order to provide them with a collaborative investment in truly independent monitoring. The result of deep monitoring helps companies take a proactive approach and anticipate risks more efficiently and effectively. Kumacaya also enables companies to act upon findings and engage with the whole supply chain and civil society for positive transformation. Privacy and transparency are in-built in the process: reports from deep monitoring projects are sent to funding companies, who then decide how to react to the information contained in them. After a three-month confidentiality period (that starts after the deep monitoring is over), companies are able to collaborate with local civil society if they are open to it, and civil society organisations that own the information collected are free to do what they want with it. No matter what topic or commodity of interest, we look forward to collaborating with you to facilitate more sustainable sourcing.

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