Water pollution

Riau, Indonesia




Signal has been being piloted or tested in Riau Province, Indonesia. During 6 months of testing period (June throughout December 2019) as shown in the tables here https://bit.ly/2QTgoEk, Kumacaya received about 700 signals. 72% of these signals is about water pollution which was one in five top issues received by Signal. The objective of the deep monitoring is to understand the route cause that water pollution is it caused by illegal gold mining? Palm oil plantations? or pulp and paper wastes? This pollution affects badly both communities and environment along Kuantan river which is a big river only in the district. According to an online local news, namely Riau online on November 2, 2019 wrote “Kuantan river flows through 3 districts within 2 provinces where communities along the river use its water for their daily needs. In addition, 6 out of 9 clean water units in capital of Kuantan Sengingi Districts also come from the river…” Therefore, the water pollution is a big problem in that region.

Since Signal only provides initial information, in order to do proper monitoring those signals will need to be verifying and properly investigated. Through the deep monitoring projects, the selected CSOs can dive in using their own monitoring methods, then report the results to Kumacaya for further actions to relevant company supply chain, government and other relevant stakeholders. (More on TOR pdf her under)


Answer the following questions and identify:

  • What is the river basin & catchment area?

  • What is the state of the river monitored in a specific place at a specific time?

  • Sampling and testing: What chemicals were found in the river at several levels and at which period? What is the root cause of the river pollution? We expect the CSO to identify the different potential sources

  • How does it impact the local communities and the environment and which ones?

  • How the relevant local stakeholders (companies, NGOs, communities and government) respond to this pollution?


Water pollution


Riau, Indonesia


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