Worker welfare

Riau, Indonesia




Besides deep monitoring project by selected CSO, Kumacaya has also introduced and promoted Kumacaya Signal on June 2019. Kumacaya Signal or simply called SIGNAL can be used by everyone (CSOs, communities, company’s staff and government officials) to report both positive and negative facts of development on the ground. These reports will be consolidated and ranked to get priority issues for Kumacaya to formulate the deep monitoring projects.

Signal has been being piloted or tested in Riau Province, Indonesia. During 6 months of testing period (June throughout December 2019) as shown in tables here, Kumacaya received about 700 signals. 15% of these signals about labour or worker which is second top issues in that region.

Many companies, especially brands, feel increasingly vulnerable to potential criticisms about labour problems in their supply chains, and they want greater insight on the scale of the problem, as well as the identification of possible solutions they can implement in their operations to resolve these.

The major problem faced with this issue is the lack of current, independent and credible information about what is actually happening on the ground with regard to worker welfare, and the scale and nuances of actual problems in different cultural and legal contexts. Signal only provides initial information that need to be dive in. Through the deep monitoring projects, the selected CSOs can dive in using their own monitoring methods, then report the results to Kumacaya for further actions to relevant company supply chain.


Answer the following questions and identify:

  • Fair condition of employment

  • Deductions to wages

  • Freedom of association

  • Access to remedy

  • Hours of work

  • Diversity of workers

  • Health and safety

  • Accommodation / housing

  • Harassment and abuse

  • Child labour


Worker welfare


Riau, Indonesia


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